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Learn About Lower Crossed Syndrome

Do you sit for most of the day and have a tight, sore back?

Lower Crossed Syndrome is a common functional adaptation associated with long term seated posture. Muscles that oppose each other in the body tend to shut off when their opposing partner is working (ie. the lumbar Erector Spinae which extend the low back and the abdominals which flex it). This allows the muscle in question to perform its action without opposition.

In LCS, the hips are flexed for long periods of time leading the body to get used to them in a shortened position. This postion can be mistaken for the psoas muscle (hip flexor) being active, causing the opposing muscles, the glutes, to become chronically inhibited (or “weak”). This “opposing pairs” situation occurs in a few places (see diagram), leading to a series or chain of muscle imbalances that robs the low back and pelvis of stability and proper function. This can lead to excessive wear and tear, tissue damage, and ultimately, PAIN!

lower-crossed-syndromeChiropractors and Physiotherapists can easily address this condition and develop a treatment plan to improve it. Massage therapy can also assist in dealing with the tight muscles that occur as a result.

If you sit for long periods during the day and have back pain as a result, book an appointment with one of Wellington Healthcare’s trained professionals (Chiropractor, Physiotherapist or Massage Therapist) to have your issue properly assessed!